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  CEC 08
  July 6 Wednesday

Searching Skills for Finding the Evidence
Mala Mann (UK)


Mala Mann is a qualified librarian and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (MCLIP). She has considerable experience in undertaking wide range of systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis projects in public health, clinical and social care over 14 years. She has co-authored 37 publications 15 of which are systematic reviews, and 12 evidence synthesis. Her expertise is in advanced literature searching, critical appraisal, summarising best available evidence and the development of systematic review methodologies. Mala provides advice, support and training for staff and students within Cardiff University and external organisations on systematic review methodology. She is the co-coordinator of the Cardiff University Systematic Review Network, established to encourage and assist collaborative working between researchers involved in systematic reviews.

  Course description

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) extends the role of the librarian beyond identification of the literature to practising and teaching information retrieval methods and critical appraisal. This workshop will focus on the first two steps of EBM which is librarian centred and offer techniques to help librarians to retrieve information efficiently and effectively. First step asking answerable question - identifying that there is a need for new information and how to convert a information query into an answerable question. Secondly finding the best evidence - locate which sources to search, and how to search them. Construct a search strategy using the techniques of narrowing or expanding the search, boolean operators, truncation and wildcards. The workshop consists of lectures, quizzes, and demonstrations. Hands-on practice developing a search strategy for CINAHL. Overview and demonstration of the Cochrane Library and other EBM resources. This course will develop expertise in information retrieval techniques invaluable to information professionals working in Healthcare and demonstrate that librarians can become significant contributors to the success of their institutions in the field of research.

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