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Timetable for shuttle/ Bus

5 July, Tuesday


6 July, Wednesday


7 July, Thursday


8 July,


 9 July, Saturday


10 July, Sunday

First Timers Event  

Accompanying Persons Tour

Welcome Dinner

  Gala Dinner   Library Tour   Saturday Excursion   Sunday Excursion


  Daily Transfers from Hotels to Campus
  Dates   Sheraton Hotel   Fuat Paşa Hotel
  5 July, Tuesday   07:45   08:10
  6 July, Wednesday   07:45   08:10
  7 July, Thursday   07:45   08:10
  8 July, Friday   07:45   08:10


  First Timers Event - Optional Dinner Tuesday, 5 July 2011
  18:00   Transfer from the Campus to Alimento Restaurant
  22:00   Transfer back to the Campus and Hotels


  Accompanying Persons Tour - Wednesday, 6 July 2011
  12:45   Campus
  13:00   Fuat Paşa
  18:00   Arrival to the Campus for the Welcome Dinner


  Welcome Dinner – Wednesday, 6 July 2011 Hosted by the Rector of Koç University
  21:00   Transfer from the Campus to the Hotels


  Gala Dinner at Küçük Prens- Thursday, 7 July 2011
  18:30   Transfer from the Campus to the Boat (Küçük Prens)
  23:00   Transfer back to the Campus and Hotels


  Library Tour - Friday, 8 July 2011 - Süleymaniye Manuscript Library
  14:30   Transfer to Suleymaniye
  17:30   Transfer back to the Campus and Hotels


  Saturday Excursion - 9 July 2011 - İSTANBUL
  08:15   From Campus
  08:45   From Fuat Paşa Hotel
  09:00   From Sheraton Hotel
  09:30   Meeting time at Old City in front of Hagia Sophia
  18:00   Transfer back to the Campus and Hotels


  Sunday Excursion - 10 July 2011 - EDİRNE
  07:30   From Campus
  08:00   From Fuat Paşa Hotel
  08:15   From Sheraton
  17:00   Departure back to the Campus and Hotels


By air
Turkish Airlines has direct flights from most European countries to Istanbul. Istanbul has two international airports; Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport , and mostly the former one is used by major airlines as it is in the European side of Istanbul. Havas serves a shuttle service between the airports and main districts of Istanbul such as Taksim and Levent.

The easiest way from Atatürk Airport to the Koç University residences in Sarıyer by taxi. A trip from the airport to campus takes 45-60 minutes and costs about 65 TL (Euro 30). The taximeter is opened with 2,5 - TRY .

The daily Balkan Ekspresi links Budapest and Sofia to Istanbul, while the Bosfor Express links Bucharest to Istanbul. The daily Dostluk Express (Filia Express) links Istanbul to Thessaloniki although the coach is much faster than the train.

For more information

Several Turkish coach lines, including Ulusoy, Varan and Bosfor offers service between Istanbul and major European cities such as Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna.

Inner city transportation in Istanbul
Apart from public buses, trains and trams, the most common means of transportation are taxis, ferry boats, mini buses, sea buses and dolmuş - the shared taxi.

Public busses: 

              Map of Sarıyer - Taksim

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